What If You Started a Sex Cult And No One Cared?

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The link to buy the new Treasure Island Media (TIM) movie works. The link to “join” their new cult, however, is as faulty as the hyperbolic “rationale” behind it.

TIM sent out a press release last night to announce both their new movie and their new site. TIM’s latest DVD, “We Are Coming For You,” comes with a 1,000-word plus, six-part manifesto to join their new breederhood, MaleSexCult.org. Paul Morris describes it as a “universal organization the sole goal of which is to bring about the paradise of absolute sex culture and freedom to breed ‘em for all men.”

treasure island bareback porn

“We Are Coming For You” Scene 6: Hourglass Lake

MaleSexCult.org includes a mission statement, “Do your part in the development of a new world. Fuck freely, my comrades, fuck freely, suck constantly, rim every ass. Sex-ecstatics, sex-freaks, sex-pigs, sex addicts, sex-mystics.”

It also carries a directive. To be worthy of inclusion, you must issue a personal declaration to Morris, “that you know who you are and why you were born.” But I think he’ll settle for your email address.

Morris once again wields his ax against all other gay porn companies for being commercialized sell-outs. This time, though, the “you” in “We Are Coming For You” is aimed at the heterosexual normative and the society behind it.

“We embody and embrace that which ignorant and superstitious repressive social and religious groups consider sinful, evil, depraved, satanic—and on and on.

To those who try to take away our sacred rights through government manipulation and false edicts, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU. For those who preach to us that marriage and monogamy is the only and true way, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU, brother.”

Perhaps Morris is co-opting Donald Trump’s playbook: if the Donald can harness the public “rage against the machine” and require his followers to proclaim an oath of loyalty, why can’t Morris?

treasure island bareback porn

Scene 3: Cheyenne

At the core of all of this is attempting to find a new way to sell movies that haven’t changed. The trailer for “We Are Coming For You” is a carbon copy of the others: guys fucking bareback.  Dialed up are the “scary-factors;” ominous title, creepier lighting, and a soundtrack more apt for a horror movie than a fuck flick. It opens with a guy duct-taping his partner’s mouth shut. So do half the FraternityX and SketchySex videos. TIM videos haven’t changed. What has changed is the world that fostered their initial success.

A decade ago TIM was way ahead of the curve on creating bareback porn. There was something edgy and subversive about watching people putting themselves at risk in the pursuit of sexual gratification. That was something some people were willing to pay to see.

treasure island bareback porn

Scene 4: Aurora

Today, bareback sex is becoming more and more mainstream; gay men are taking PrEP, getting tested, and sero-sorting their partners. Hence, the fear factor has mellowed. Along with it, the “reason to buy.” Neither scary music nor a cult’s Kool-aide will restore that.

Politics and tube sites aren’t even the biggest enemy TIM, and all porn companies currently face. It’s that in 2016, appearing in a gay porn film is no longer a politically subversive act. Anyone with a Grindr account and a cell phone can make their own home movies bareback or otherwise. And they do.

Given all that, I’ll take my porn without a manifesto, thanks.


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