Topher Dimaggio is Bray’s Love in “Fame Game”

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It’s not just the way Leon Fox moved his ass in the first scene of Fame Game, it’s what it did to Adam Ramzi the man, not just the slimy character he’s playing, that made the fucking so primally charged in a way not often seen. Last week, the second episode in this NakedSword Originals production, it was the golden ticket to Kyle Kash’s golden ass that turned NakedSword Exclusive Killian James from a touchy twink into a non-pedestrian, pedigreed top.

Today, we’re back at the most infamous club in San Francisco, “Fame” and joining the game is NakedSword Exclusive Bray Love and someone we’re very glad to see again in a NakedSword Original, Topher Dimaggio.


Look at Topher Dimaggio standing there. Arms pumped, dick bloated, abs tight, and those lips. Look at Bray Love and look at Bray Love’s ass. Game on. But as Bray Love shared with me when talked about this scene, “These guys are fucking for purpose! I got to be the vindictive asshole ex-boyfriend of Mickey Taylor and I use Topher to get back at Mickey who once broke my heart.”

topher dimaggio videos
I do like how Bray decides to get his revenge. And I do like the way Topher Dimaggio looks working Bray’s cock like a well-lubed machine and still looking leading man handsome in every single frame.

“The hottest part of this film for me was probably getting fucked by one of my ‘dream scene partners’. Topher Pounded the hell out of me.”

topher dimaggio videos
“Our cumshots were amazing! I shot over myself onto the wall and his was like a fire hose that someone forgot to hold onto.”

When the stakes are this high, who you have to fuck sometimes breaks the rules if you want to win. And in Fame Game they all want to win … badly.

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From NakedSword Originals:

As Boomer Bank’s grooms Mickey Taylor for success his affection for him grows. Meanwhile Mickey struggles with his own insecurities when he is shocked to see his ex, Bray Love, show up at rehearsal. A fight breaks out, sending Bray into the arms of another one of Mickey’s ex-boyfriends Topher Dimaggio. Unaware of their past romantic connection, Topher takes Bray to Beaux for a drink.

When Topher goes to take a piss Bray follows him, cell phone in hand. Bray pushes Topher up against the stall wall and starts snapping pics of himself sucking Topher’s huge perfect cock. When Topher sits down with his giant dick in the air Bray jumps on for a wild reverse-cowboy. Topher nearly splits Bray in half with his vicious ass-pounding until Bray shoots then gets on his knees to take Topher’s huge load all over his face. Back at the bar Bray texts Mickey the pics in a final attempt to sabotage Mickey’s career.
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  1. mr. Pam Gaypornmama November 20th, 2015 at 5:22 PM

    So hot! omg I’m loving these gifs! yaaasss Gay Porn blog! Bray Love and Topher Dimaggio rocked it!

    big hugs & cumfilled loads of praise…
    mr. Pam


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