Top Five: Mason Star’s Dream Scene Partners

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CockyBoys Exclusive Gay Porn Star Mason StarGay Porn Star Mason Star

Everyone’s dying to get their hands on (and cocks into) smokin’ hot, spankin’ new Cockyboys Exclusive Mason Star. We asked this rising new gay porn star to list the five favorite gay porn stars working today. Check out his selections after the jump …

Anthony is funny, sweet, and fucking disgustingly sexy. One of the best models to work with, and one of my favorite dicks I got to suck on.
Rod Daily gay porn star
When Next Door told me my first scene Partner would be the blue-eyed hottie Rod Daily, well I made a little scream. I want his babies.
Benjamin Bradley Gay Porn Star
Not only super fine, he’s a mastermind at QVegas magazine. He has inspired me to be much more than just a model.
Spencer Fox Gay Porn Star
I recently shot a scene with Mr. Fox for CockyBoys and hot damn does that boy know how to hit a G-Spot. It was so intense i had to stop 6 time during shoot because i thought I was going to cum while getting fucked. You know its good when you cum with no hands.
Leo Giamani Falcon Gay Porn Star
Fuck my life, fuck my hole. All I want is for him to lay on top of me so I can feel his weight and body heat. Enough said: I’m in LOVE with that man.

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2 responses to Top Five: Mason Star’s Dream Scene Partners

  1. l'boro July 7th, 2011 at 3:37 PM

    3 of Mason’s choices could be mine. But, I would like Malachi Marx instead of Anthony Romero and for “my” fith choice, It would be this so cute guy working next to me and desperatly str8…


  2. June July 8th, 2011 at 11:46 AM

    I would trade these five gorgeous guys just for mason himself. I love him bad.


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