Tiger Tyson Goes Doggie Style

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gay-porn-star-pitbull-tiger.jpgNo one can say Tiger Tyson doesn’t have a heart, even if it can’t claim to be his largest organ. Tiger, a former New York bad boy and founding figure at Pitbull Productions, is working with a rescue center to save South Central’s rabble rouser ‘E’, a purebred Pitbull abandoned by gangland drug dealers, from Death Row.

Both ‘E’ (now rechristened ‘Petey’) and Tiger do their best to look tough, but their ferocity is mitigated by their movie star good looks.

While Pitbull Productions is desperately hoping to find a good home for Petey (you can contact them here if you’d like to help), they’re not the only ones. Director and star Mark Reed (who now edits the popular Gay Porn Space blog) dedicates a good chunk of free time to the saving the little rascals.

(Enough with this saccharine holiday spirit — get back to jerkin!).


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  1. Mark Reed December 22nd, 2006 at 7:22 AM

    Thanks, Mike, for taking some column inches to cover PitBull’s love of the breed – and for mentioning my rescue work at GayPornSpace – It’s a passion, and a nice thing to share during this holiday season. I love you guys. Your blog totally rocks! Pit bull hugs and kisses always, Mark


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  3. butch February 13th, 2007 at 12:34 AM

    like it all


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