This Ain’t Kansas. Welcome To “Berkeley”

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In “Berkeley” when your free mind, the sex will follow. Mike Maverick isn’t the first man to flip for Brenner Bolton. But he’s one of the few to appreciate everything Brenner has to offer and flips with him.

gay porn star brenner bolton
New in town, Brenner was was on a gym quest when Google sent him to Steamworks, the country’s most famous gay bathhouse. There he meets Mike and in the steam room, they soon meet each other’s holes and poles very upclose and personal.

gay porn star brenner bolton
Then, Mike bends Brenner over and rams his ass like a jackhammer until Brenner gets on top and demonstrates why’ he’s the top of the bottoms. Just look at him ride.

gay porn star brenner bolton
Mike had been eyeing Brenner’s dick this whole time. The inviting contours of Mike’s ass had not gone unnoticed by Brenner either. Then Brenner took action. He flips Mike on his back, pounds a load out of him and seals the deal by shooting all over Mike’s sweaty, smooth chest. That’s what happens when you free your mind in “Berkeley”, the sex — and the cum — will follow.

[Watch Brenner Bolton and Mike Maverick in “Lost in Steamworks”] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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