These Guys Are A Couple Of Swingers

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Pulling over for a quick squirt to some mobile porn isn’t that far-fetched. In fact I am going to look at cars on the side of the road with renewed interest now. Granted, the, “Gee, officer, isn’t there something we could to work this out?” has been a premise in porn since stick figures fucking on cave wall, Abel Archer and Kaden Alexander do teach us something today: in a pinch, an old tire swing makes perfect sling.

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From Next Door World:

Officer Kaden Alexander is just trying to keep the streets safe, but if every now and again that translates to a few fringe benefits, well… who’s gonna blame a cop for using his stick every now and again, right? Such is the case as Officer Alexander happens upon Abel Archer pulled over on the side of the road. As he approaches the vehicle, Kaden sees that Abel is taking a little personal break, indulging in a bit of me time, and is more than a little flustered when Officer Kaden knocks on his window.

Abel, knowing he’s been caught red-handed (literally) scrambles around to get himself out of trouble, offering to take care of the officer in exchange for some lenience.Officer Kaden, usually above a bribe, takes a long look at what Abel is packing and decides this might be an offer worth taking up, so the two of them move to a more private location and Abel immediately begins sucking off the cop. Kaden returns the favor but decides if he’s going to forgive Abel’s transgression.

Then Kaden’s gonna need to get his dick wet, so he bends Abel over his car and proceeds to pound his delinquent ass in the hot sun. They move to a nearby tire swing and Abel mounts Kaden, bouncing up and down on his hard cock, then sitting down and grinding on it, shooting his hot load all over the ground as Kaden pulls out and blasts him with his pistol, spraying jizz all over Abel as a reminder to follow the law a little more closely next time. Enjoy!
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