The Hole

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This is a big deal.

NakedSword is currently running it’s first big movie premier with Jet Set’s “The Hole“, directed by Wash West. If you don’t know, it’s a comic take off of the scary movie “The Ring”. In “The Ring”, after you watch a certain video tape, the phone will ring and inform you that in 7 days, you’ll be dead. In “The Hole“, the twist is the phone rings, and in 7 days you’re gay.

I tried to watch “The Ring” on HBO, but I had to shut it off in 10 minutes cause I got too scared. However, I have seen “The Hole” and reviewed it on ReelGuys, my online TV show. I highly recommend it as funny, sexy, clever and a shoe-in for tons of awards at the GayVNs. Check it out before January 22.

The Hole
by Jet Set Productions
Starring: Tag Eriksson, Jason Adonis, Josh Hammer, Derec Lang, Vince Taylor, Trent Atkins, Sam Tyson, Jeremy Tucker, Anthony Holloway, Michael Knight, Kip Bravo, Lorenzo Vargas, Rex Everything, Damon Ivy, T. J. Hart, Adam Killian
Director: Wash West
Jet Set’s “The Hole” is the “Jewel in the Crown” of the beginning of Jet Set’s year long celebration of it’s 10 year anniversary. It is directed by uber-famous, award-winning Wash West and is Jet Set’s most ambitious and expensive movie to date. This two hour feature has six separate sex scenes with a superbly written script by Wash West bringing it all together.

Full length version of this movie available at NakedSword.
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  2. Marc June 26th, 2005 at 10:18 PM

    I finally got see this movie, and I was surprised how generic the sex played. The guys are hot, but they seemed strangely mechanical. Only one scene — in which the reporter fantasizes while reading a porn mag — lived up to my expectations. Give Wash credit for this effort, but The Hole is vastly overrated.


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