Jason Ridge: The Gay Porn Blog Interview

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Things haven’t been the same since Jason Ridge came into my life. He’s so handsome, you have but only to wonder why he hasn’t become a major Hollywood star. Maybe one day. For now, gay porn has him.

His bedroom eyes (the color of which “change with his mood”) give off a a devilish twinkle that make you think there’s more going on than he lets on. An enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a corn-fed versatile bottom.You know, when I think of it, there was this dude on the cover of Playgirl a few months ago, who I swear could be Jason’s straight, evil twin brother. But the Playgirl dude was saying things like, “I fantasize about being with two girls at the same time. I love to please and I want to give them the best orgasms of their lives.” Does my baby got a secret?

Single/taken? Single.

Age? 29.

Hometown? Chicago.

Day Job: Being a star of my magnitude is a twenty-four-hour-a-day job. (laughs)

Registered to Vote? Yes.

How can fans get in touch with you? Through my web site, JasonRidge.com.

Do your parents know? Yes. My dad does, he supports me 100% — he says as long as I’m happy. My mom knows about certain aspects, like the softcore stuff.

How did you come up with your porn name? My commute in Chicago from home to work was Ridge Avenue.

First gay experience? Age 16, while watching Torch Song Trilogy. One of my friends invited me over and popped in the movie and was touching me. I was so nervous. We got in the bed and I felt his hard-on pressed against me. But I was getting a hard on, too.

Favorite porn sex scene? When beautiful young-looking boys with giant cocks squat over someone and tolerate it for hours.

A sex act you haven’t tried? DP.

What do you think is your best asset? My kindness and generosity.

What is your worst asset? My shyness … my unapproachableness.

Worst habit? Popping my knuckles. I pop them all the time.

Celeb you’d most like to bed? Johnny Depp.

Last concert? Madonna. Reinvention tour. (He grins.)

Secret fear? Flying.

Favorite magazine? I’m into cars, so I like auto magazines. But I need my weekly fix on celebrity gossip.

Favortie non-porn movie sex scene? The one in “Thelma and Louise” with Brad Pitt.

Fave album to fuck to? Marvin Gaye.

Can you cook? No. But I’ve tried. I’ve recorded shows off the food network … but it just doesn’t work. (Laughs.)

What’s next for you? Continue making movies. Settle down with someone. Not necessarily looking for my soul mate, because if you look for it you’re not going to find it. But I know he’s out there. (Ed Note: Awww …)


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    Hot stud


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    nice :)


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