The Gay Porn Year In Pictures

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YIR-francois-crop-ass.jpgIf there was a year with more porn scandals than 2007, I wasn’t paying attention. Between the murders (both real and imagined) the relapses and the suicides and the scandals (both real and imagined), gay porn caught the public eye like never before. Of course, not everything was broken and decrepit — some was hot and perverse. Here’s some of our favorite images from 2007.

12. Woody on Sean Cody
Not a scandal per se, but Sean Cody’s blue-eyed discovery was the year-long object of our erection.

11. Tiger Tyson Goes To Paris
Sure, fucking with perspective is a tourist cliche, but Tiger’s so damned sexy and charming that we can’t help but forgive him! Also,
he has a ten-inch dick.

10. Brent Corrigan and Harlow Cuadra on the Beach

Waves crash. Fluids fly. Plots are hatched. When Cobra Video owner Bryan Kocis was found murdered, former Cobra star Brent Corrigan was the easy suspect. Police eventually arrested Harlow Cuadra and dismissed Corrigan, but this picture of the two of them filming on the beach set tongues wagging again. Who needs Deborah Kerr?

9. Zeb and Mark’s Texas Two-Step
Mark Dalton Zeb Atlas Muscle Worship Gay Porn

Zeb Atlas and Mark Dalton made news when manager David Forest announced that the two straight muscle studs were doing a video together. Mark and Zeb Do The Texas Two-Step didn’t exactly show them fucking, but their willingness to grope was unprecedented … for them at least.

8. Folsom Street Fair Poster

The Folsom Street Fair made big news with its re-interpretation of the Last Supper featuring Sister Roma, some porn stars and a dildo in the shape of a fist. Hannity and Colmes, as well as the Catholic-based Concerned Women for America.

7. Folsom FEAR

My eyes! My eyes! They burn! But then again, so do my loins. Titan Media’s Folsom FEAR proved a new high-water mark in porn torture (if not torture porn, or gorno, or whatever the hell William Safire is calling it these days). Not only is the composition stellar, but you can see Francois screaming with his eyes.

6. Michael Lucas Dead!

Only a few days after Danny Roddick was found dead of an overdose, Michael Lucas turned up dead of over-exposure. While it was only a publicity stunt, the outcry turned out-sized quickly and Lucas admitted his culpability.

5. Francois Sagat’s Fashion Bloom

Francois Sagat is already a porn legend, but his collaboration with German designer Bernard Wilhelm was legendary. Here, in a shot from the 2007 calendar, he proves that his shit really does smell like roses. Or at least daisies.

4. Passio

Perennial scandal maker Dark Alley served forth this blasphemous rendition of the crucifixion, following closely on the heels of their torture critique, Gaytanamo.

B-roll, or non-sex footage, is an afterthought for most studios. When NakedSword and Raging Stallion unleashed the phenomenal shots of real military men (turned sex stars) in training from the 40-scene mega-release GRUNTS, it was hard to argue that it didn’t up the ante. Hup two, three, four! Shave my nuts and give me more!

2. Sister Roma, Danny Roddick on Bill O’Reilly

Who knows where Bill O’Reilly sourced this picture of Sister Roma and the late Danny Roddick, but we couldn’t have staged a caught-in-the-act paparazzi photo if we wanted to.

1. Carlo Masi Jumps Out of the Cake at COLT 40

Never before and never again can I expect to see something that so seemlessly blends the delightful fusion of cliche and perversion that is the gay porn industry. Thank you, Carlo, for making my year.


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