The GayPornBlog Interview: Going WILDE for Troy Daniels

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Troy Daniels Gay Porn Star of NakedSword's Wilde Road

Although you may have already watched all four episodes of NakedSword Series “Wilde Road”, check out this interview I did with up-and-coming gay porn star Troy Daniels when I visited the set of the Christian Wilde vehicle in July.

Gay porn star Troy Daniels

When I met the handsome San Francisco-based porn star, I found myself immediately taken by him and so I sat him down for a long-form interview video interview where we talked about how he got started in porn, how he got in shape, and what his conservative Christian family thinks of his career, among other things … Watch my full (long) video interview with Troy Daniels after the jump!

Watch Troy Daniels in “Wilde Road: Episode 2”

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2 responses to The GayPornBlog Interview: Going WILDE for Troy Daniels

  1. johnn October 6th, 2012 at 4:50 PM

    wow he seems like such a hottie and a sweetie! kindness come right through!


    OY VEY yet another porn boy that thinks his family wont find out? really/ no old high school buds look at gay stuff on line? no old teachers do either? old neighbors? in the closet relatives!!!?? no old pissed off ex will pass it along to family ? won’t get fired from his day job? (like that poor mr wild from subway) dont get me wrong i love porn and dont think it matters or makes a person less. but i am mystified when any of them think they wont get found out? i work at a university and noticed not one but two at my school. one told his family shortly after he began, the other had his “girlfriend” tip pff his family (seems she was surprised too!) another friend of mine in the biz had a pissed off ex make up a gift box for his mom and dad!


  2. John October 10th, 2012 at 9:54 PM

    Thanks for doing this interview Troy. I wished other gay porn actors would do the same. I for one like seeing the other side of a porn actor’s life beside the sucking and fucking, which is great. As for the “gay fat”, I have seen you with a gut and now buffed up, and I like both ways. Some of us guys like a little gut on their men. You are one fine hunk, and you seem very confortable in front of the camera. I think many of us would like to be a porn performer, but I know it’s a lot about looks. Looks that sells videos. My only wish for you Troy is to enjoy your time right now, enjoy what you are doing, but don’t forget you are destine for greater things.


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