Luke. I am Your Vadar Father

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[[UPDATED]] December 17, 2018 May The Force Be In You – XXX Trailer Inside!

Luke. I am Your Vadar Father

All righty guys … let’s take a look:

[Reserve You Spot For the Christmas Premiere]

Like any good Jew, I will be having Chinese food on Christmas, followed by a movie. Now I know what I am going to watch!

While we still don’t know who is playing Luke’s vadar, looks like he wasn’t lighting the menorah this year judging by the foreskin … unless it’s … I’ll just let that hang in the air. props to this looks well done and fucking hot!

starwarsxxx-trailer 061

starwarsxxx-trailer 249

starwarsxxx-trailer 251

starwarsxxx-trailer 258

starwarsxxx-trailer 304

starwarsxxx-trailer 308

starwarsxxx-trailer 319

starwarsxxx-trailer 368

starwarsxxx-trailer 383

starwarsxxx-trailer 431

starwarsxxx-trailer 467

starwarsxxx-trailer 473

starwarsxxx-trailer 489

The Force will be in us on Christmas! See you then!

[[UPDATED]] December 16, 2015

Our Hump Day update to the upcoming December production, Star Wars, A Gay Parody offers a visual …

but as you can see, still playing it close to the vest as to whom will be inside the Darth Vader mask. One person on twitter is hoping it will be Rocco Steele. But the bigger question is, who do you want to see saying this to Luke Adams’ Luke Skywalker as he bends him over and for a light saber bonding session?


Stay tuned … it might just look something like this our brother publication The Sword posted …


Well, maybe not exactly like that. Watch this space!

[[Updated Tuesday, December 15]]

Happy Tuesday, guys. Yesterday (see the original post below), I told you there would be a new cast member announced today for the December production, Star Wars, A Gay Parody. I also wondered if Will Hans Solo be in a duo. Below is the aforementioned new poster du jour:

Dennis West as Hans. It will definitely be at least a duo!

Who do you think will be joining Dennis West, Luke Adams, and Jessy Ares tomorrow?

Stay tuned, guys. May the force be in you indeed.

Original Post: December 14, 2015

There is a saying that in the gay porn world, if you sneeze at Sean Cody, they say, “bless you” at the Falcon Studios. It’s that small a world and secrets have a way of getting out. But save for a little bit of semi-cryptic tweeting, is playing pretty tight-lipped about what they have in store for us later this month. They have, however, offered up a hint or two…

Rumor on the streets is that Jessy Ares will be playing more than one character. As for Luke Skywalker though …

… looks like Luke Adams will be continuing to light up our lives and balls this month as he just did Friday and again today.

I can’t wait to see who plays Chewbacca. Jaxton Wheeler perhaps? What about C-3PO and R2-D2? Will Hans Solo be in a duo? The only thing I know for sure is that tomorrow and the next day, new posters and cast member will be revealed.


When it comes to parodies, this is neither’s nor Jessy Ares’ first time at rodeo. Remember this scene with JP Dubois from the “Gay of Thrones?” May the force be in us indeed. It sure was with them!

[Watch Jessy Ares Deposit a King’s Ransom of Royal Jizz inside JP Dubois]

Stay tuned to GayPornBlog and we’ll keep filling in the slots as we can.

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