Tegan Zayne Is Now A Falcon Studio Group Exclusive

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Well guys, one of favorites is about to need a new tag as he’s not Chaommen Tegan anymore. Tegan is half Syrian, all gay, covered in hair and loves to get that furry ass fucked. All my greatest hits in one man with four very powerful words now in front of his name, Falcon Studio Group Exclusive Tegan Zayne.


I was sold right away on the exceptional sexual talents and spectacular good looks of Tegan Zayne, and I’m delighted that he agreed to join our elite group of the world’s hottest men, our A-Team, as a Falcon Studios Group Exclusive. I’m excited to share his debut scene with our fans, and I’m sure they will be as impressed and stimulated as I was.” ~Chris Ward, Falcon Studio Group President

Falcon is wasting no time. Tegan Zayne delivered an “extraordinary bottoming performance” with one of the top tops, Jimmy Durano. Their scene is from the forthcoming Hot House DVD, Slam That Hole.

The way Jimmy Durano can fuck an ass and considering that ass on Tegan Zayne … oh yes boys, Hanukkah is arriving a few days for this blogger.



“Jimmy reamed my ass in this hot scene and I’m looking forward to getting my ass reamed again and again – and ream some asses too – as a Falcon Studios Group Exclusive” ~Tegan Zayne.

The scene debuts on HotHouse.com tomorrow, Thursday, December 3, 2015. Consider that a preview of coming attractions and meet me back here then. BYOL (bring your own lube but hand sanitizer will be provided).

I’ll leave you with a little taste of Tegan … or what Lorenzo left over for the rest of us

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2 responses to Tegan Zayne Is Now A Falcon Studio Group Exclusive

  1. JamesF December 3rd, 2015 at 3:03 AM

    Hannukah for a Syrian? Come on … Even ‘Christmas’ has a better chance of appealing to this one!


    • Hman December 3rd, 2015 at 4:59 AM

      JamesF, I meant as the Tegan Zayne and Jimmy Durano scene was a Hanukkah gift to me :) Some clarifying language shall be applied – thanks!

      Thanks for being part of the conversation at GayPornBlog!


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