The Stunning Science Friction Of Sunny Colucci & Paddy O’Brian

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Sunny Colucci & Paddy O’Brian are hot AF just standing there. Even more so when they’re fucking. And today, we’re not the only one’s watching.

I think I figured it out. What skimps on their domestic productions, they use overseas. Case in point, their new parody, “Ex-Machina”. Letterbox format, Alter Sin direction, and slick production values bring synthetic intelligence to life in the form of breath-taking humanoids who know how to fuck. also figured something out when it comes to these productions: “Ex-Machina” is more about porn than parody.

The series began yesterday with Jessy Ares embodying the borderline brilliant, borderline insane robot maker. A delicious looking Griffin Barrows is his able-bodied computer savant. And his first test subject.

[See more from Griffin Barrows & Jessy Ares in “Ex-Machina” part one]

In today’s update, Griffin is charged with the task of watching two of his bosses creations in the process of creation. The two “breath-taking humanoids” he must observe are Sunny Colucci & Paddy O’Brian. Damn. Now that’s a gig.

sunny colucci paddy obrians gay pornLike any machine to operate at their maximum, robots require lubrication too.

sunny colucci paddy obrians gay pornThough the term robotic certainly does not describe the ass reaming Paddy gives Sunny.

sunny colucci paddy obrians gay pornAnd speaking of lubrication

[See more of Sunny & Paddy in “Ex-Machina” part two]

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