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It’s been four years since Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho launched their Madrid-based indie studio Staghomme. That’s four years of facial cum-shots, four years of rapey fantasies, four years of gratuitous night-vision shoots and four years of two of the men I love the best. After the jump, six of my favorite clips from four years of Staghomme.


#6 Public Menace
It’s odd for me to like a solo so much, but Carlos Gustavo is a working man’s Francois Sagat. (Full screen at Staghomme)


#5 Clerks
I don’t know why there’s not more Jean Franko in the world. He’s totally sexy caveman, with a seemingly befuddled expression of someone who lives only to fuck. Like Pierre Fitch, he’s got one of the top five asses in the business, and one of my top five favorite cocks. Here, they’re paired with Francesco D’Macho gets piggy on both ends. (Full screen at Staghomme)

#4 From Dusk Til Dawn
This is the highest rated film on the entire Staghomme site (technically, there’s one above it, but it just got released so there’s been no mellowing). Could it be because Gaston, the supposed straight man, has the most perfect armpit hair on the planet? (Full screen at Staghomme)


#3 The Escort
The downy pelt that covers Francesco’s ass should be woven into cashmere. And he’s such a bottom whore. If you’ve got no pride, you’ve got no shame either. (Full screen at Staghomme)


#2 30 Loads of Facials
It’s hard to believe that a couple that could bond so strongly over tons sucking fat, juicy cock could ever be torn asunder. And while Damien and Francesco have since parted as lovers, this competition to swallow the most loads stands as a testament to the challenges they faced. There is a lot of amazing cock to suck. At some point, you get hooked. (Full screen at Staghomme)


#1 Kama Sutra
Jean Franko is close to perfect in my book. Probably equally good here as he is in Clerks, except here he generates in Damien Crosse hands-free cum shot just by fucking him. Most people only rank it midway in the Staghomme oeuvre, but I can only imagine it’s because it’s relatively short, and makes mortal people feel inferior. (Full screen at Staghomme)

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  1. Eddie February 10th, 2013 at 1:53 AM

    Yes, I agree. Two excellents definitions here:

    #1. Carlos Gustavo is a working man’s François Sagat.
    #2. Jean Franko…sexy caveman…who lives only to fuck.
    The little I know about him is that he’s from Venezuela, a country that has blacks, indians , whites and all sort of mixtures among them. Jean Franko may be the amazing result of the mixture of these ” ingredients “.


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  4. the one December 6th, 2013 at 8:10 PM

    Damien Crosse always makes the same loud, annoying sounds when he’s getting fucked.


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