Shane Rollins Fucks Alex Collack in Hot House Classic “Ram Tough”

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shane rollins fucks alex collack in Ram Tough

I always was a sucker for House House’s legendary powerbottom Alex Collack. It didn’t matter how ripped he was under his clothes or that he was packing large, his handsome face was more than enough to get me revved up. The Moscow-native was a Hot House exclusive from 2003 to 2008. And that explains my insane attraction: I have a Eastern European fetish and can always sniff them out. He’s a shorty too, standing only 5’8″, but he’s swinging an 8×6 uncut cock, and the self-fisting stud’s ass was unstoppable. With Hot House’s legendary library of smut now on NakedSword, you can now watch five of Alex’s movies.

Collack is on the cover of “Ram Tough” along with sexy Kent Larson, another prolific fave from this period. The two of them got me clicking to check out this movie, but I’m thrilled when the opening credits reveal horse-hung Jason Kingsley and the incredible Shane Rollins in the line-up. And then there’s Arpad Miklos, too. This is the third time I’ve seen this hairy hunk in various places over the past two days.

Shane Rollins Fucks Alex Collack in Ram Tough

You know, we porn bloggers are always fawning all over so-and-son’s newest video, but I’m just finishing up a week where I’ve seen no less than four scenes featuring the same guy. Four. I long for the days when I anxiously awaited a new release from my favorite porn hunks. These days, I don’t even have time to miss seeing a guy before his next scene is churning out and it’s no more exciting than the one I saw last week. So the great thing about re-discovering DVDs like ” target=”_blank”>Ram Tough is that I can watch hunks from a decade ago, and suddenly, everything old is new again – and exciting.

” target=”_blank”>Ram Tough by Hot House. Directed by Steven Scarborough. Released 2005. Starring: Alex Collack, Brad Benton, Arpad Miklos, Kent Larson, Shane Rollins, Ace Hanson, Jason Kingsley, Justin Gemineye, Alex Fuerte.

Kent Larson topping Jason Kingsley from the same film:

[Watch “Ram Tough” on NakedSword] [Watch “Ram Tough”]

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