Seeing Stars: Off the Set With Dark Alley

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Does anything cause as much hand-wringing and cock-ringing as fetish? To the fetishist (whether of piss, leather, lace or reading glasses), nothing is so normal as his own desire. To the outside observer, however, the fetishist is a damned freak — WHO THE HELL WOULD OBSESS ABOUT SNIFFING JOCKSTRAPS?

We like it when the perverts we know become a little more human. Take, for example, Dark Alley. In this outtake piece from the Tim and Roma Show, the boys in the bands (Matt von Fistenberg and Owen Hawk) discuss the trouble with models (too demanding, Hawk claims, as admits he used to be), the problems with fisting (too difficult too be spontaneous, Hawk laments), the difficulties of shooting hardcore porn over a sewing factory (too nosy about the noise, von Fistenberg grumbles) and butt plug gnomes (the nose is hard to get past, but once you reach the shoulders “you see stars,” von Fistenberg grins). Sexual deviants: they’re just like the rest of us!

(Oh, and for all of you still hand-wringing about last week’s entry on Gaytanamo, you can now actually watch it. I’m headed out of town but I expect a full report on Monday.)

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