Sean Cody’s Least Convincing Straight Man

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solo-jarek-sean-cody-gay-porn-pic-1.jpgSean Cody’s never been long in the tooth, but the site going Mac-compatible was about the best news I’ve had all year. Well, that and the amazing transformation of Jurek. Sites like Sean Cody and Randy Blue truly do get a good deal of straight guys, and generally I’m happy to believe that the guys themselves believe it. It’s more fun that way. But intrepid Jurek — made the jump from butch Russian construction worker to voracious bottom in so quickly, you’d think he’d been abducted and replaced by the old Stonie.

With Ramiro, Jurek healthy curiousity about another man’s body. Then he let him put it in his ass. Ramiro is Mexican, but I suspect Jurek tried to blame it on Rio.

With Harley, romance bloomed after a foreskin comparison. It was only natural.

Berke is used to power bottoms, and I think for Jurek competition took precendence over heterosexuality.

With Jacob, he forgot that we was straight. Or it could have been a miscommunication due to the language barrier.

Talk about zero to sixty (nine). Maybe it’s the sofa.


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