At Sean Cody, Big Jess Cums Home

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Admittedly, Sean Cody has been hit and miss of late, especially when it comes to returning heroes. After seeing Abe’s comeback in October, he might as well have stayed away. Polar opposite of that was Liev the weekend before last where Lane got a true power topping both he and the site had needed. Saturday it was Jess and his big dick who was back after two years. That’s the good news.

sean cody returning models

The bad news is that of all the bottoms on the site, they paired him with Porter. If you have been a Sean Cody fan for a while, you no doubt remember Jess, If you remember Jess, you remember that scene with Peter. But if you remember those, you probably also know what Porter really needs is some diversity training between his legs that will hopefully enlighten what’s between his ears. Is the scene hot? Yeah it is. Does Porter deserve the dicking he got? Nope, he doesn’t.

sean cody returning models

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of Jess. Nice body without being overly muscled. A dusting of hair that hasn’t met an overzealous trimmer. And that dick. He’s not a show-er, he’s a grow-er. And he’s damn hot when he’s all grown up.

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Sean Cody Adds:

Jess is back! Jess is back! Jess is back! It has been a while but we finally have Jess back to rock Sean Cody with his huge beautiful dick. Jess has been gone for a few years, however, once he started having Porter worship his cock he was glad to be back. “Look at this kid suck this, how could you not miss being here!” Jess smiled. Sit back and watch this Sean Cody legend go to town on Porter’s hole and welcome back Jess!
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