The Power Top That Liev’s Down The Lane

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They should have let the Winter Getaway get away a few days earlier. That horrible Dean and Jasper scene should have never seen the light of the day. Yes, Sean Cody has let us down too often lately, but this weekend turned that frown upside down. For the first time since October of 2013, Liev looms large once again. And as large as ever. Our favorite Russian top returned and breathed new life into the site and took Lane’s breathe away in the process.

sean cody liev
Liev didn’t just return. He returned with a vengeance. A vengeance for a hole and Lane’s was the perfect choice. Lane was also recruited to welcome back Brodie after his three year hiatus. The boy can take a pounding. He sure got one from Liev.

sean cody liev
No skipping the foreplay. No noodle dicks. Rock hard cocks, sexual energy in the boundless range and a cream pie finish. Liev and let Liev is my new motto. And I bet, Lane’s too.

[Watch Liev Show All The Sean Cody Tops How It’s Really Done]

Sean Cody Adds:

It’s been a while since we have seen Liev and its great to have him back on set. Not much about him as changed, he’s still the feisty, rambunctious, great performer that he was in all of his previous films. “I’m ready to get back to fucking ass again. I missed being here!” Liev laughed.

I knew that pairing him with Lane made the most sense. These two are both dirty performers who love to push their limits. Once the camera got rolling these two cum hungry models really went for it.
[Watch their Full Scene]

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