Slam. Bam. Thank you, Tan.

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One of the biggest letdowns in gay porn last year was the abbreviated fucking Tanner “almost” gave Brandon. It wasn’t just lacking in duration, it fell short on intensity too. Tanner poked at the big guy like he was a china doll. A few weeks ago, Dean’s perfunctory quasi-fucking of Jasper wasn’t what Jasper, or the rest of us wanted either. Today, Tanner and Jasper help Sean Cody go on the road to redemption.

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They are both wearing underwear at the start. That is something of a “no no” on the Sean Cody set. But later, Tanner shoves Jasper’s briefs right back into Jasper’s mouth as he shoves his dick in and out of Jasper’s ass. Then Tanner replaces those briefs with his own dick, fresh from Jasper’s hole. Jasper finally got the rough fuck and deep seeding he wanted from Dean in the first place. And we all got the four cum shots we always want.

[Watch Tanner Give Jasper The Rough, Raw Double Load Fuck He Was Begging For]

Sean Cody Adds:

Tanner is obviously a Sean Cody favorite, however he is also a favorite of Jasper’s. “I feel like I’ve won the lottery. I get to come here and fuck these guys, its fucking awesome.” “Awe shucks! Whatever, I love all the attention!” Tanner chimed in. These two hit it off pretty quickly and after heading downtown for some lunch and a quick workout, headed back to the studio to breed and seed Jasper. “There is just something so fucking hot about knowing Tanner’s load was being pushed deep into my hole.” Jasper was clearly a happy camper.
[Watch their full scene]

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