Is This A Sean Cody Amber Alert For The Missing Top?

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Blake is a power bottom. Joey is a power bottom. Sean Cody, WTF? What are they doing to do together? A cooking show? Actually yes. Someone made the egg that’s on my face – what they did together was each other. And amazingly well at that.

The sucking and the 69 at the beginning keeps their cocks hard throughout the scene so props to them both for that alone. First, Joey channels in inner power top and jackhammers Blake’s ass. Then with Blake on his back, Joey pounds a load out of him then cums all over Blake’s hole. No creampie this time … Joey couldn’t wait and licked up his batter right then and there.

A cock has to be rock hard for someone to sit on it. Especially a big guy like Joey. Look at both these throbbers working in unison. Not bad for two “bottoms” eh? Joey shoots his second load all over Blake and then Blake serves up Joey a creampie. Between the batter and the creampie, this did turn out to be a cooking show after all. And a hot one at that.

[Watch “Joey & Blake: Bareback” at Sean Cody] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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