Yusaf Mack, Str8 Boxer Turned Gay Porn Star, Deliver Troll A Beatdown

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A phobic twitter troll taunts a former professional boxer turned gay porn star with gay slurs online. Said boxer/porn star “ran” into him at the barbershop: what could possibly go right?

No. Nothing went right at all, starting with the moment the troll got out of bed. Yusaf Mack went from the boxing circuit to a mainstream headline-making gay porn scandal (see original post below) to making his way out of the closet, to making his “official” way into gay porn. That’s quite a journey for a father of ten.

As TMZ reports, Yusaf may now be batting for our team, but he still packs a mean a punch as ever.

Openly gay boxer Yusaf Mack unleashed a barber shop beatdown — attacking a man he claims has been harassing him online over his sexual orientation.

TMZ Sports confirmed paramedics were called to the L A Clippers shop in Philadelphia Saturday evening … after Mack wailed on the man in front of customers and employees.

Witnesses tell us Mack attacked the dude while the victim’s head was in a sink in the middle of a wash.
Mack tells us he got sick and tired of the online harassment and decided to confront the guy face-to-face. Mack is unapologetic and says the guy got what he deserved.

We also reached out to the victim who didn’t want to talk … but has since issued several homophobic statements on his Facebook page, including:

“I rather have a video of some beating me up then a video of someone seeing me take a d*** up my a** any day.”

The man says he will retaliate against Mack … “Me and him gonna fight again.”
Mack says he’s not scared.

Yusaf Mack went from the closet and almost a dozen kids to having a coming out party in WoHo. Once he decided he was going to get real, own it he did. As for the instigator, whether we’ve heard the last from him or not, perhaps he’s learned that there’s a big difference between a keyboard and just air when you are trolling a person.

Watch this blog!

Original Article – October 29, 2015

yusaf mack gay sex videoThe scandal in a snapshot: Yusaf Mack, is a father of 10 children from 3 to 21. His was also a professional boxer, retiring from the sport last year. Perhaps that is why he found himself on the financial skids when eureka — an adult film company, DawgPoundUsa, reached out to him on Facebook. Mack says he agreed to perform in the video while claiming he was under the assumption it would be a straight film.

The actual video Mack participated in was an all male three-way. “I think, ‘It’s about to go down.’ I needed a drink or something. They gave me a pill and a shot of vodka. I took the pill down with the vodka.” Philly.com speculated that Mack could have been given GHB or “G” which lowers inhibitions and can cause memory loss.

Yusaf Mack, while owning that is indeed him on the screen, avows his heterosexuality:

“All my real friends who really know me, know I like females,” Mack added. “I’m still me. You’ve got to realize that the ones that are not really talking to me are the ones that probably have skeletons in their closets. My whole life, I’ve been what they call a whoremonger. I love females.” ~Yusaf Mack in BoxingScene.com

DawgPoundUSA.com has since released this statement refuting his claims:

DawgPoundUSA.com is a reputable company which has produced high quality videos of men-of-color since 2002. At no time have we ever coerced or drugged any of our models. The claims made by Mr. Mack are false, slanderous, and vehemently denied on our part. We intend to take all legal steps necessary to protect our good name and reputation against these patently false and preposterous claims. ~Gawker

Drugged or not ….

yusuf mack gay sex video
Yusaf likes to kiss …

yusaf mack gay sex video
And doesn’t seem to mind licking a huge cock while other men kiss …

yusaf mack gay sex video
Or sucking two big dicks at once …

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That’s definitely not pussy he’s eating …

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Or one he’s fucking …

yusaf mack gay sex video
What did Yusuf Mack say when he was getting fucked? And I quote, “Come on! Is that all you got?”

At the least, he wasn’t so drugged he forgot about condoms …

Now – let’s watch him in action …

For the complete rundown on the low down ….

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  1. Stonerr February 21st, 2017 at 2:20 PM

    The beating administered by Mack wasn’t very harsh. He punched like he has never had any boxing training. I am rather disappointed.


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