Reunited And It Feels So Raw

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No, Johnny Torque wasn’t “torn between two lovers.” His dick knew exactly which one he wanted. The title from NextDoorRaw says it all, “Fucked Raw By My Ex.”

The first place it got him was on his knees. Check out those oral skills as he pivots his neck while moving up and down Riley’s shaft. Gives you a good idea where he got the name “Torque.”

They switch positions so Riley can lube up Torque’s pole with spit. He knows he’s going to need it. Torque bends him over, reams that hole then Riley takes a fast and furious ride before Torque gets him on his back. While these two fucked their way right through dessert, no one went hungry: Johnny served up a fresh creampie right there.

[Watch Johnny Riley and Johnny Torque in “Fucked Raw By My Ex”] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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