Porn Star Dick-lexia: Chad Hunt vs. Chad Donovan

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ChadHuntDildo.jpgI’ve always had a mental block when it comes to the two dangling Chads. Both have colossal cocks (one review describes Chad Donovan as “illegally huge” while Chad Hunt‘s “donkey-dick” is the primary subject of in Michael Lucas‘s porn documentary). The names, the cocks — I’m easily confused. Ask around.Also, people will often refer to one or the other as “the attractive one.” When it comes to 10-inch dicks, tastes vary. And I get distracted.

For the time being, I’ve made this cheat sheet (largely for myself, but feel free to crib):

Chad Donovan has a very, very large cock. He may or may not have just retired from porn (which could describe about half of the industry). The blond big ‘un is often referred to as Chad “10-inch” Donovan. (Credits: Trophies: Class of ’94, Seven Deadly Sins: Pride, Riding Boys in Cars, Jeff Stryker Big Time)

Chad Hunt has a very, very, very large cock. Can be identified by a porn-friendly tattoo around his navel. The blue-eyed brunette’s hairline is receding. The Chad Hunt Supercock (pic above) clocks in at 12.5 inches. (Credits: Vengeance, In Gear, Fire Island Cruising, Other Side of Aspen V).


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  1. John November 8th, 2006 at 7:25 AM

    I’m sorry Donovan, but Hunt’s cock looks longer and thicker than yours.


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