Porn Conventions

Posted January 12, 2004 2:20 PM by

Last week I attended the Internext Adult Webmaster Convention and AVN’s Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. I always look forward to these events because I learn a lot about the business, schmooze with my collegues, and see lots of porn stars (male and female).

I got off the plane on Sunday, headed to the hotel and immediately got recognized by Steve and Gage from Steve is apparently a big fan of, and it was nice to be recognized. They brought along a couple cute blond twink pornstars, Brandon Baker and Justin Slater. It took a while for me to recognize that Brandon writes a column for Mark Adams’ VidioView, and I later recognized Justin from his Toby Ross videos. I hung out with all those guys a lot and even went back to their penthouse suite one night for an after-party. (I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!)

My photos of Justin Slater don’t do him justice, he’s much cuter in person with a nice set of abs. In fact, his email address is LickTheseAbs@blahblahblah! If that’s what he’s into, I think I have a new posterboy for! Too bad he lives so far away.

The gay webmasters always have great cocktail parties with free booze and loose boys, mostly coordinated by the folks at Cybersocket, but for the first time, a couple other companies threw their own party. The first night was in a hotel suite where they promised live twink models having sex and they encouraged everyone to “bring your cameras!” Sure enough, there was sex going on, but as you can see by the photos, there were too many cameras and I couldn’t get close enough without being rude. Besides, I was having fun re-connecting with all my friends.

This trip gave me the chance to get to know Randy Blue and Mick from Naked Frathouse. They are a couple of sweet guys and fun to hang with. They threw an after-party at the Hard Rock Hotel that was one of the best of the week.

I bumped into a lot of pornstars like Matthew Rush, Tyler Gunn, Johnny Hazzard, Ashton Ryan, Tod Parker and a few other gay porn stars I can’t think of right now! And while I’m dropping names, the non-gay sightings were Ron Jeremy, Jenna Jamison, Seymore Butts, and I even passed Larry Flynt as he was being wheeled in to the convention hall.

I also had a nice chat with Josh Weston. I hadn’t seen him sinceSeptember, and he has gotten HUGE! I found out he bought a house in my neighborhood, so I guess I’ll have to drop in once in a while to borrow a cup of steroids…

My buddy Trevor from Banana Guide was there, too. He’s really sweet and we always have a good time hanging out together and dishing everyone else.

It was also my pleasure to meet another porn legend, Mike Donner from All Worlds Video. He recognized me (I don’t know how…), we sat down and started talking like old friends right from the get go.

Randy Blue and I were really looking forward to visiting the Liberace Museum, but even though we arrived 20 minutes BEFORE closing, the old ladies wouldn’t let us in! We did get a chance to shop in the gift shop, though. Having made this trek to Vegas several years in a row, each year I kept saying, “This time I’m going to see Sigfreid and Roy.” Well, now I can’t, so it’s even more imperative to support Liberace, our other other patron saint of glitter. However, there’s rumor that some of the gang will be making a pilgrimage back to Vegas to see Elton when he subsitutes for Celine Dion. If the money and exposure is right, I think Elton is the obvious heir-apparent to take over for Liberace and Sigfried & Roy as the sequin queen of Vegas.