Pink Saturday

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So much to blog about from My Big Fat Pride Weekend, where do I begin!

“Party Monster” was FABULOUS! After this, there will be no doubt whatsoever that Seth Green is a gay as a goose. He was just too good. Beside the all star cast of Macaulay Culkin (Michael Alig), Seth Green (James St. James), Wilson Cruz (from “My So Called Life” played victim Angel Melendez), there were plenty of celebrity cameos, too: Lucy Liu (Alessandra), Marilyn Manson (Christina), Dylan McDermott (Peter Gatien), Diana Scarwid (who played Christina in “Mommy Dearest”), Chloe Sevigny, John Stamos (“Full House”), and Wilmer Valderrama (Fez from “That 70’s Show”).

Wilson Cruz and Wilmer Valderrama (Fez) were in attendance at the screening. Wilson Cruz has grown up to be quite the muscle papi standing there with his shirt wide open. Woof, but they didn’t give him much of a part in the movie.

After the movie, I stepped out onto Castro Street while Pink Saturday was in full swing. It was lots of fun to people-watch and hang out with my Sisters. A stage was added up at 19th Street this year with live entertainment, and I got a few shots of Heklina and Cockatelia.

Instead of heading home at a decent hour to get up early for the Parade, I went out whoring till the wee hours. How many more Pink Saturdays can I still get away with that?

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