And Pop Goes The Cherry?

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Peter says he’s never done anything with a guy before. Martin and Alan think he’s full of it. Then they make sure he’s full of them.

Men will be men. And all men want to get laid – no matter what side of the pond they are on.

Today’s update, “Cherry Popping” comes to us from William Higgins. Fortunately, “hot” is a universal in any language. And so is Peter Lupnik’s need to get fucked.

They might not be new, but they’re quite possibly new to most of us. Some introductions are in order:
martin gajda peter lipnik alan carly

martin gajda peter lipnik alan carlyMartin and Alan chatted Peter up about his body and wanted to know all about his workout regimen. The conversation started in the gym and continued at Martin’s place. Three guys amped on the post-exercise endorphin rush – the conversation quickly moved to sex. Or in particular, Peter’s lack of experience with it.

martin gajda peter lipnik alan carlyCorrection, Peter’s feigned lack of experience with it. Pretty crafty for a muscle head. He thought the fastest way to get Martin and Alan naked and get their cocks into him was claiming he’d never had a cock there before. He thought correctly.

martin gajda peter lipnik alan carlyMartin and Alan join lips to make a love tunnel around Peter’s cock before taking turns with his tunnel of lust. They run the train, switch sides, and switch again. Then it’s three rapid fire cumshots one right after the other, leaving Peter a very contended mess.

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