The Porno Penis Pop-Up Has Arrived

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penis popup booksThe dream child of director Stephen Dunn, “Pop-Up Porno” features three short films about meaningful and humiliating human experiences derived through true online-dating horror stories that are visually interpreted through original and hand-made erotic pop-up books. There’s something for almost everyone: m4m, m4f, and f4m. I guess Stephen Dunn couldn’t successfully channel his inner lesbian. Dunn has also directed his first feature film, “Closet Monster,”

All three “Pop-Up Porno” films premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and were included in “Outfest” this year along with “Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story.” The full “Pop-Up Porno” series is now online at along with a link for you to share you story.

The story du jour, of course is “Pop-Up Porno: m4m” which weaves Grindr, dick pics and a near case of accidental incest into an interactive video triptych about real life online-dating horror stories.




Reading really is fundemental after all!

More about “Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story.”
0850Falcon Studios was the MGM of gay porn, bringing production value to films that defined the fantasies of the 1980s. The man behind Falcon was Chuck Holmes, who battled the FBI and the early years of the AIDS epidemic to build a successful company. As a pornographer, however, it was difficult to become a philanthropist: his financial support was welcome as long as it remained a secret. A fascinating backstage glimpse at the world of adult cinema, SEED MONEY exposes a complicated, controversial gay entrepreneur and the men he loved to film. Directed By The Sword founder Michael Stabile.

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