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I might have sexually imprinted on Kristen Bjorn’s Paradise Plantation. Because when I saw these lush new shots from Lucas’s Original Sinners, I found myself unusually turned on. Yes, yes — D.O. and the rest are stunning, but really, I think I was getting half hard on the jungle itself. Sigmund Freud, meet Edward Said. (And Joseph Conrad.)

Sweaty, burly and muscly scenes from Lucas’ summer blockbuster, all set to a close-but-no-copyright-infringement take on Led Zeppelin’s Kashmirafter the jump

Now truthfully, this isn’t the first time that I’ve been turned by a palm frond. My trip to Hawaii early on with Lords of the Jungle really helped solidify any doubts that I had about what I was really after. And those Brazilian twins squelched any doubt. But this — not to mention the sex on the beach with a hairy Jesse Santana — have me crazy for the rest of the series. More …

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