Off the Set with … Michael Lucas

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After the record wins for Michael Lucas’s La Dolce Vita at the 2007 GayVNs, the talented Mr. Lucas, always a very public figure, became nearly ubiquitous. His incendiary columns for the New York Blade are as well received as his blog and his nearly endless stream of releases (not counting the piss and cum) make the man hard to miss, even if you’re trying.

This week, on a Off the Set with… video interview shot prior to his wins, Michael ditches his role as shit-starter to reveal the viciously funny charmer that we first fell in love with. Lucas extols his lack of adult industry friends (Spencer Quest excepted), his good side (both, natch) and his love of New York. It may be the softest side of Michael we’ve ever seen (“You fat cunt!” vituperative notwithstanding).

Off the Set with … Michael Lucas (free,


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