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No, Scott Wiener is not a made-up name.

Weiner is the San Francisco Supervisor who pushed for a ban on nudity in the city’s legendary (and legendarily gay) Castro District. With all the dot-commers moving in and raising families, the once-scandalous neighborhood is getting skittish. Enter The Cover Up.

There have been public protests, op-eds by pro-sex advocates, but for the fifth season of their Golden Gate series, NakedSword has taken it upon themselves to shoot something more explicit than even Weiner could dream of. Advance trailer — with porn star Dale Cooper as Wiener — after the jump …

Of course, perhaps the bigger news is that the new season will also feature Christian Wilde’s debut bottoming!

So far, we’ve just gotten the teaser — but you might want to take this interim to get caught up with Golden Gate’s last season. NakedSword is aiming to be the gay Netflix, but it’s a lot more fun to get caught up …

I can’t wait to see what they do with DOMA.

Golden Gate (via NakedSword)

Golden Gate Season 5 Trailer (via The Sword)

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