Your Holiday Crushes’ Name Is Nicky

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He’s 19, he’s gay, he’s hot, and he was rock hard before the cameras even started rolling. And that’s just with his clothes on.

nicky sean cody gay pornThat is one beautiful dick flanked by a tight set of balls that are not just decorative either. Both of his loads are as substantial as that dick that made them. Just imagine when he has some help.

nicky sean cody gay pornAnd the back view: holy crap. If that’s not a postcard suitable for framing fucking … start praying to the porn G-ds he’s at least as versatile as he is fuckable.

nicky sean cody gay pornNicky says he likes trying new things and things that are “different.” Let’s hope getting nasty on camera is one of them.

nicky sean cody gay pornSean Cody, we’re putting in our Nicky holiday hardcore order right now.

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