Nate Christianson Pt. 3

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Nate ChristiansonNate ChristiansonNate Christianson

The same reader who clued me in to the Nate Christianson’s other nom-de-porn, Dave Nathan, and his fitness videos has come through with links to more photos of this up and coming blond god. All I can say is “wow”! That boy has really packed some beef onto a frame that I suspect started out fairly trim and slender. It takes as much work for an ectomorph (a body type that tends toward being scrawny) to maintain bulk as it does for an endomorph (a body type that tends toward chubby) to get ripped.

You know, I have a pair of those little orange shorts, how come they don’t fit ME like that?

As you recall from earlier blog entries, Men Magazine’s Man of the Year was a tie between Zeb Atlas and Nate Christianson.

As much as I personally lean toward Dave/Nate, Zeb Atlas has been one of the biggest phenomenons of 2003. His name has been one of the top key words and most frequently discussed models of the past few months here at Read more about him becoming Man of the Year, his photo shoot sporting a healthy rug of Chest Hair, the comparisons to him and Nate Christianson, his appearance at the Gay Erotic Expo, and his calendar.

There are supposedly some sort of “naked chef” photos of Nate/Dave floating around, too, but I have yet to see them.

P.S. I tried to write to “VThickPP” to thank him for the links, but the email got bounced. Thanks, though!

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