NakedSword’s “A Wicked Game” Mega-Video Post, Pt. 1

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nakedswords wicked game

NakedSword’s latest original production is a scorching-hot hardcore ode film noir that’s as sexy as it is dark. Directed by mr. Pam, written by Leo Forte, executive produced by Tim Valenti, A Wicked Game tells the story of newlyweds Ryan Rose and Duncan Black, who, after a romantic honeymoon on Duncan’s yacht, fall victim to a brutal home invasion.

A Wicked Game stars’s Jarec Wentworth, Falcon exclusive Ryan Rose, Duncan Black, Rikk York, Valentin PetrovTy Royal and features the comeback of James Hamilton (who I don’t think we’ve seen in years).

Anyway … here’s more free hardcore clips from A Wicked Game than you probably ever wanted, including a peek at the controversial finale, which isn’t being released until next week.

Here’s the full hardcore trailer:


Watch a hardcore clip from scene 1 of A Wicked Game: Poolboy Perpetrator starring Jarec Wentworth and Rikk York:


Watch A Wicked Game Episode 2: Stormy Seas starring Ryan Rose and Duncan Black:


Watch A Wicked Game Episode 3: Reading Between the Blinds starring Valentin Petrov, and Ty Royal


Watch A Wicked Game Finale: Episode 4 (being released next Wednesday starring Ryan Rose James Hamilton and Duncan Black:

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