JJ Knight & Trenton Ducati: Flips Don’t Get More Epic Than This One

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It’s not just another scene, another flip fuck, or even a finale. Today, JJ Knight and Trenton Ducati battle it out in a sexual grudge match where everyone cums up a winner. Everyone.

By everyone, I mean us, the viewers. “Greasers” from NakedSword Originals has showcased the gritty sexual reality that “The Outsiders” hinted at, but never could deliver.

“Greasers” embraces the freedom of the blue screen to complete story of when bad boys the from the wrong side of the tracks collide with the forbidden lust that “dare not speak its name,” but can no longer be contained.

jj knight trenton ducati flip fuck nakedsword greasersTrenton Ducati showed Kory Houston and Kyler Ash who was boss in the opener. Last week, Marco Montgomery and Trent Ferris treated a black eye with youthful lust. But the week before, JJ Knight went dicking on the wrong side and thought he got away with it. Today, Trenton is going to right that wrong on the dirty garage floor.

jj knight trenton ducati flip fuck nakedsword greasersJJ Knight is the hair heir apparent” to the boss’ jacket in this crew. The changing of the guard isn’t happening quite fast enough for him. And when Trenton finds out how JJ has been passing the time until he passes the torch, the sexual hunger in these rivals spills out almost as fast as their fat, hungry cocks do.

jj knight trenton ducati flip fuck nakedsword greasersFrom his tongue buried up JJ’s hole to his dickhead making nice-nice with JJ’s prostate, Trenton shows why he’s not ready to immediately surrender the reins of power any more than he’s willing to stop drilling some sense into JJ’s punk ass.

jj knight trenton ducati flip fuck nakedsword greasersWhen Trenton says, “I want you to fuck me,” it’s not a statement, but a directive.

jj knight trenton ducati flip fuck nakedsword greasersJJ pummels the big man until Trenton covers his abs with a heavy nut — then feeds him back that load and grabs a lick for himself. Next, JJ unloads all his pent-up aggression right in Trenton’s open mouth before Trenton sends him packing with a taste of his own medicine. As one “Greasers” rivalry is settled, is another just beginning?

[Watch JJ Knight & Trenton Ducati in “Greasers” scene four]

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