Happy Hour At The “Trouser Bar”

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“And when the credit card slip for your purchases is all signed they’ll take you to a secret back room and turn the sign on the door to CLOSED …”

Gay men love to shop. Gay men love sex. And since the whole point of getting dressed is that someone will want to rip those clothes off you, what if getting clothes and getting off was one stop shop?

That’s exactly the story told in TROUSER BAR, the latest gay indie film selected for NakedSword Film Works (NSFW).

We’ve all been there. You walk into a men’s clothing store and the sexy male staff member smiles and flirts with you as you make your selections. They take your items into the changing room and tell you to let them know if you need
trouser bar nakedsword film worksanything, with a wink, of course. You try on your shorts and shirts and speedos and suits and each time you do you walk out and ask them their thoughts.

They tell you look great, amazing, fabulous, sexy, stroking your ego and you decide to buy more than you normally would, hoping that maybe, just maybe, their flirting wasn’t just a naked attempt to get you to buy more clothes, but that they actually want you, badly, and when the credit card slip is all signed they’ll take you to a secret back room and turn the sign on the door to CLOSED…

For those of us who’ve always wanted to experience this fantasy, but never have, fear not. NSFW’s latest title TROUSER BAR invites viewers into the dirtiest, whoriest clothing shop ever depicted on film. Directed by legendary porn kingpin Kristen Bjorn, TROUSER BAR boasts a cast of hot-ass UK actors (many of whom you know from porn) including trouser bar nakedsword film worksDenholm Spurr, Ashley Ryder, Craig Daniel, Hans Berlin, all of whom play shop boys and customers at the dirtiest store in London. These boys will definitely take notice of your bulges and curves, and they can get you into your clothes just as fast as they can get you out of them.

Originally written as a porn short for director Peter de Rome, the subject of last month’s NSFW title Peter de Rome: Grandfather of Gay Porn, but never filmed until executive producer David McGillivray found it during the making of that documentary and decided to bring it to life, enlisting Bjorn to realize it as a sexy soft-core short.

One of the main reasons for doing so probably has to do with its very famous author, whose name we can’t say but a simple Google search will tell you (though we “officially” discourage it).

trouser bar nakedsword film works

Even though the film stops short of being fully hardcore, it’s still hard to watch without, well, getting hard. As the shop boys, decked out in feathered wigs and vintage 1970s Brown’s fashions, begin taking special care of their customers, the action gets more and more intense, building to a shattering climax that involves the entire neighborhood of Old Compton Street perverts.

A tribute to smutty, naughty British nudie soft-core comedies films and the hardcore films of Peter de Rome, TROUSER BAR should satisfy any gay film fan looking for special treatment and a chance to live out a classic porn scenario across the pond….

Check out the Trailer and let us know what you think of TROUSER BAR

[Watch TROUSER BAR at NakedSword]

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