#CelebrityCock: Dustin McNeer

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We’ve seen bits of his piece before. Today, it all comes together. After all, he wouldn’t have been on America’s Top Model if he didn’t want to show his face too, right?

Right from the start, Dustin McNeer was never shy about posting nearly nude images and he repurposed his SnapChat into something resembling a soft-core shrine to himself.

That didn’t stop when Tyra told him to sashay away when he was eliminated on September 22, 2015, in the 22nd, and final, cycle of America’s Top Model.

dustin mcneer dick picsIt was last May when we posted the unblurred shower video. There was a brief face flash while his signature thigh tat was unmistakable. Still, he clung “plausible deniability.”

And all the while, as unearthed by our #CelebrityCock partners at Cocktails & Cocktalk, he was hanging out on the now-defunct Snaps4Studs where for $16.00 a month, users had access to private video shows.

dustin mcneer dick picsThen one day, without warning, Dustin deleted all of his content, leaving paying fans disgruntled.



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dustin mcneer dick picsAt least one of them found their own way to get even by leaking these images.


Including a cum shot.

dustin mcneer dick picsI guess that’s what they mean by the drip, drip, drip.


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