Mr. Pam and Marcus Iron’s eXcellent Adventure

Posted November 6, 2005 11:50 PM by

gay-porn-blog-buckleroos-marcus-iron.gifOh, the places you’ll go — in porn. Like Oklahoma. The Sooner State’s Out-OK Film Fest brought porn videographer extroadinaire Mr.Pam and porn legend Marcus Iron out for a screening of the behind-the-scenes porn doc Xposed: The Making of A Legend and, according to Mr. Pam, they painted the town pink. Or brown. Or whatever.

While I always knew there was a reason I’d never made it out the prairie, Pam set me straight. Not only is the sale of porn illegal in Oklahoma, but you need a medical license to sell cockrings! Luckily, Buckleroos is available on the internet. Otherwise, Brokeback Mountain is the closest Okies are gonna get to quivering cowboy flesh.

Mr. Pam and Marcus Iron