Micky Jr Gets “Overpowered” By Myles Landon’s Big Dick

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Micky Jr was “Overpowered” by the biggest tool in mechanic Myles Landon’s shop: his dick.

myles landon micky jr hothouseFirst, Myles stuffs Micky’s mouth until his Micky’s eyes are watering and the spit drips off his chin. Then Myles drops to his knees and serves up a wet hummer of his own. But once he bends Micky over against the van, he lathers Micky’s hole for the main event.

myles landon micky jr hothouseMyles uses his wifebeater as a bridle around Micky’s neck to keep him exactly where he wants him as he parks his big meat in Micky’s garage.

myles landon micky jr hothousePivoting to doggie, Micky gets drilled until he falls to his knees one last time and turns his mouth into Myles’ cum catcher. Then dripping in spunk, Micky uses the jizz on his face as lube and jacks out his load out on the shop floor. Clean up in Aisle Fuck.

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