Kayden’s Gray’s Huge Cock Meets It’s Match Deep Inside Mickey Taylor

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Just how many miles did Kayden Gray’s fat pole travel inside Mickey Taylor till he fucked the cum right out of him then fed him the rest?

With Darius Ferdynand and the fabled dick of Jack Harrer in the opening scene, “International Playboys” from NakedSword Originals represents the finalists of the hottest men and the most watering cocks anywhere on the planet. Today, NakedSword exclusive Mickey Taylor gets a British invasion right at home from Blake Mason exclusive Kayden Gray in “Date Night in SoHo.”

mickey taylor kayden gray international playboys
Beautifully shot in cosmopolitan London, the connection and chemistry between Mickey Taylor and Kayden Gray makes just cavorting around town look like foreplay and amplifies everything that follows. There’s a lot to follow. To say they can’t wait to rip each other’s clothes off isn’t “porn speak,” it’s an understatement.

mickey taylor kayden gray international playboys
Kayden Gray is clearly smitten by Mickey. As for how Mickey feels about Kayden, and in particular that uncut monolith between his legs, just take a look.

mickey taylor kayden gray international playboys
Some dicks are so big they don’t get fully hard. Some cocks are so large they’re never impaled right down to the balls. That is not the case today. Mickey Taylor does magic with both of his holes and makes every inch of Kayden Gray disappear. Over and over and over again.

mickey taylor kayden gray international playboys
The way he licks his fingers, the load Kayden pounds out of Mickey isn’t just large, it must be tasty too. So tasty that Kayden just bends his neck and has a few licks with his dick still buried inside. He makes Mikey shudder visibly from those overwhelming sensations. Then it’s his turn. Only Kayden doesn’t make Mickey shiver this time, he makes Mickey’s rock star face a cum-covered mess.

[Watch Mickey Taylor and Kayden Gray in “Date Night in Soho” from “International Playboys”]


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