Gay Porn: Michael Lucas Goes Classically Perverse

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Michael Lucas Entertainment Gay Porn Mark Jacobs
Michael Lucas is a pervert, and I’m not even talking about that weird necrophiliac thing in August, but it’s not hard to see that he’s having a helluva time in his Manhattan studio. After the success of Dangerous Liaisons, Lucas seemed to take on a perverse royal air — the charmer now has “farting” listed as in the fetish pull-down menu on his store site — or maybe it’s Roman imperial. All I know is that the pictures that have been coming back lately are positively Caligulan … and I’m totally ready to play the porn michael lucas watersports
This might not be the Trevi Fountain, but it ain’t that far off.

This is so cherubic that I swear I’ve seen it in a fresco.


Double edged dildos were de rigeur in the classical straight porn of my youth — glad to see that someone’s bringing sexy back.

In all my porn work, I can count the number of times I’ve seen colored condoms on one hand — most of the time they try to make them disappear. Valentino must have had a hand in this.

It’s creepy. It’s sexy. I just came looking at a condom.

Of course, everyone wants a piece of the conquering hero…


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