Michael Lucas Name Game

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This Press Release just came in:

CONTACT: Bryan Christopher, Lucas Entertainment
(212) 924-5892, bryan@lucasentertainment.com

Michael Lucas gains control of MichaelLucas.com domain name

New York, NY, January 23, 2004 — Gay porn maven Michael Lucas has finally gotten control of his domain namesake, www.MichaelLucas.com, after a year of negotiating with the former owner — an evangelical priest in the Midwest also named Michael Lucas.

The priest had refused to give up the name during initial talks early last year, expressing disinterest in having Lucas’ company, Lucas Entertainment, linked to the name. “At the very beginning, we agreed on an amount.” says Lucas. “So I sent him a check. The mistake was that the check had the company’s name on it. He ended up going to my main website and refusing to take the check because we were a gay adult site.”

Lucas continued to increase the offer for the site as the year went on, At one point, the evangelist Michael Lucas even put the domain name up for sale on eBay with a starting price of $15,000. It wasn’t until Christmas Day of last year when porn star Michael Lucas finally received word that the site could be his. “Money talks!” exclaims Lucas concerning the deal. “This whole deal shows that religious beliefs really can get shaken at the right price!”

The URL currently directs web-surfers to Lucas Entertainment’s main site, www.LucasEntertainment.com. Lucas is currently deciding whether to create a separate, personal site with that URL.

In the meantime, stay tuned for the official relaunch of LucasEntertainment.com, set for the first week of February.

I did a little checking to see if there were other non-porn guys named Michael Lucas. It seems there are a lot of Michael Lucas’s that are entrepeneurs with their own websites. (Be sure to click the links – trust me, it’s worth it!)

-a Michael Lucas who “lives in a haunted house in Detroit, Michigan with his wife Liz, assorted rodents, and a multitude of fish. He has been a pet wrangler, a librarian, a security consultant, and now works as a network engineer
-a “Certified Professional” Photographer named Michael Lucas that shoots weddings. I was unaware that there was a rigorous “certification” process to become a wedding photographer. Not everybody can achieve that deer-in-the-headlight vaseline-on-the-lens effect shown on that sample bride.
-a golf instructor from South Carolina named Michael Lucas. He charges $120 per hour for a “playing lesson”, which is probably the same rate pornstar Micheal Lucas charges for his “playing lessons”.
-an NRA Certified rifle and shotgun instructor named Michael Lucas. The photo shows him posing with a young student in front of a place called “Shooters”. Sounds like the title for a new porn movie to me…
-a professional voiceover talent named Michael Lucas. His web page says, “A professional voiceover talent with the ability and the commitment to deliver just the feel you want. Traditional, hard-sell, soft-sell, confident, excited, or with an attitude. I can deliver.” Substitute the words “voiceover talent” with “pornstar”, and you’ve got our boy.

That was so much fun, let’s try another name:
-a Systems Analyst (or is it ANALyst?) from Minnesota named Mark Dalton. He also belongs to the Twin Cities Amateur Robotics Club.
-a Disc Jockey and Karaoke entertainer from Michigan named Mark Dalton.

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