Micah Brandt Leaves David Benjamin A Cummy Mess With A Busted Hole

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Right after they filmed the scene, David Benjamin tweeted to Micah Brandt, “sex with you was the best I have had on film.” After he sees the final product, he might update it to read “best sex ever.”

micah brandt fucks david benjamin titanmen
Back in Los Angeles, David is house hunting. The first thing he finds is building manager Micah Brandt having a personal moment with his dick and phone. David crashes the party and soon finds himself up close and personal with Micah’s dick. And spit.

After a furious fuck right at the front door, they move to deeper inside and Micah’s dick does the same to David’s hole. David can be a demanding bottom. Micah had an endless supply for that demand today. David is also very vocal. But it’s Micah’s voice you hear most often here as it was all David could do to breathe at more than one point today.

We’ve seen David oink it up in a sling. But there are no toys today. No plugs or gear. The sheer velocity of Micah’s pounding leaves David’s hole glowing, gaping, and busted long before the cum swapping seals the deal. David now has a new place to call home and Micah has a new entry on his resume: the power top that could – and did.

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