Mark Dalton: The Gay Porn Blog Interview

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Out of concern that this site is quickly becoming “”, I decided to take some steps.

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Second, with so much “controversy” surrounding hunk-of-the-moment, Mark Dalton (“is he gay or straight?”), I decided to go “straight” (or gaily forward) to the source and see what I could find out on my own. I wrote to him, sent him my phone number and requested a phone interview. Surprisingly, he called me the next day.

Here is the summary of my exclusive interview with Mark Dalton.

Acknowledging that controversy is nothing new to him, adult modeling icon Mark Dalton said, “Attention has always followed me. Even in high school the local hometown newspaper wrote, ‘you either love him or hate him'”.

Raised in a small town 50 miles north of Dallas, Mark Dalton was a high school sports star, winning state championships in football and pole vaulting. (Go ahead; insert a sexual innuendo about vaulting poles right here…)

He left his hometown a few years ago and made his way to New York to find fame and fortune. His diversion to New York proved to be successful, but the big city provided too many distractions from his professional goals. He returned to his hometown to concentrate on business because in New York he was having, as he says, “too much fun.”

“Sometime around October 2002 I reached a fork in the road,” Mark Dalton confided. He needed to decide whether to fully embrace a career in porn or move on to something else. In choosing a career in porn, he decided that he did not want to work for anyone else, and created his own production company. With his own company, and no outside investors, he is fully involved in producing movies, a website, dancing in clubs and occasional escorting.

In venturing out on his own, I asked if he got any advice from other porn stars who went from performing to producing their own videos like Jeff Stryker, Al Parker, Ken Ryker, Sports and Rec’s Drew Warner, Centaur’s Chip Daniels, Factory Video’s Frank Parker, Raging Stallion’s J.D. Slater, Lucas Entertainment’s Michael Lucas, or Monster Bang’s Michael Brandon (all of whom now control a piece of the action). His response implied that he is carving his own niche, without seeking comparisons to any of his contemporaries. He pointed out, “Mark Wolfe owns 8 houses.” It seems to me anyone planning on staying in the business is better off being autonomous than being a day laborer for other studios.

We discussed “a day in the life of Mark Dalton” comparing my own self-employed 16 hour days to his and commiserating on both of our sleep deprivation. In discussing his answering “hundreds” of emails a day from fans, I asked the nature of most of questions he receives. He relied, “Most are the same million-dollar question � am I gay or straight. My reply is that all my gay friends think I�m straight and all my straight friends think I�m gay. I never fall under one label.”

Asked how he balances workaholism with workouts, “It�s tough, I usually don�t get to the gym until around midnight, but I don�t really have to work out that hard. I�m blessed with good genetics.” Think about that statement while you�re huffing and puffing on the treadmill and you�ll see why some people hate him!

Having investigated muscle websites and movies from other studios, Mark Dalton claims to have devised his own twist to the muscle video genre. Although he wants to keep his idea under wraps, I can�t imagine a cinematic style that has not already been done in porn. Maybe I slept through Film History class and 25 years of porn. Who knows?

Mr. Dalton is currently conducting a talent search for high caliber gay and straight guys who have never been seen in porn before. He envisions a whole stable of hot guys to be part of the “Muscle Stud Club” on his web site and appear in his videos. He declined to give away too much of his ideas for videos, but he will offer more than just solo videos. The strictly solo videos he does plan for will offer “more than the usual solo video”. (For example a voyeur secretly watching a scene in progress or two guys jacking off together.)

When asked �When will Mark Dalton appear in a porn video with another guy?” he played coy and teased that fans would have to wait and see.

As a follow-up question, I asked, “When will Mark Dalton appear in a porn video with a girl?”

And now, ladies and gentlemen, here is the bombshell response you�ve all been waiting for: He paused for a moment, then stated emphatically, “You will see me in a video with a guy before you will see me in a video with a girl.”

As for Mark Dalton�s upcoming plans, he has a calendar coming out and two videos by the end of the year, the first of which is 75% complete.

Although I did not uncover any deep, dark secrets about Mark Dalton, nor will this interview settle any unanswered questions, but I did score one bombshell. Woohoo! Alert the media! But the gay-for-pay debate rages on, as I�m sure a whole slew of new comments to this posting will attest. Keep �em coming, except for that Kloseted Kornholin� Kocksucker (KKK) stalker.

3 responses to Mark Dalton: The Gay Porn Blog Interview

  1. Max July 2nd, 2006 at 9:34 AM

    I Dont get this whole gay for pay thing and why it is so widely accepted in the gay porn industry, that is assuming it is. Where i live i know no other gay people (even though i’m sure they exist), gay porn is therefore a means of escapism where i’m able to see real men who are just like me i.e. find other males attractive, given my situation it makes me feel not so abnormal. For this reason i find the whole gay for pay thing disheartening and a bit deceitful, to me its better to disappoint a few fans than to decieve or confuse all of them, after all we are the ones putting money in your pockets, so you should at least respect us enough to be honest about the full nature of your sexuality, wether gay, bi, curious or pansexual; i just believe that the actors i see on screen should at least be into men (even if not exclusively), to be otherwise just seems shady and disingenious.


  2. anonymous June 22nd, 2007 at 4:43 AM

    I dont think it’s so much as decietful. not everyone feels comfortable doing full on sex. But hey we are all entitiled to our own opinions so I wont attack you


  3. anonymous June 22nd, 2007 at 4:43 AM

    I dont think it’s so much as decietful. not everyone feels comfortable doing full on sex. But hey we are all entitiled to our own opinions so I wont attack you


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