Manplay: Amateur Gay Porn Redefined

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Amateur can be super hot, but it’s easy to be scared away by the scores of bad, bad, BAD stuff out there. Every so often, I will find a diamond in the rough (Dirk Yates, Big Dik Factory), but for the most part, amateur is really an excuse for some pervy old man to film his young buck neighbor that he wants to get with.

manplay titan media

Universally, amateur gay porn is an excuse for bad sets (an embarrassingly upholstered sofa), bad lighting (an Ikea torchiere that casts the models with a greenish pallor), and editing and camera style that echos Andy Warhol’s Empire. So you’ve got to give it to TitanStudios for redefining what “amateur” gay porn is with their ManPlay line, which they’ve been doing for about two years now.

manplay titan media

They all pretty much follow the same format: throw a bunch of really horny guys in a room (except for ManPlay 009, which was outdoors) and start rolling the cameras. Unlike most other porn, there’s no distinct “scenes” — guys fuck, guys cum, guys go, new guys enter, and so on. They have multiple cameras (often, the cameramen and unit photographers are in the shot … why not?), it’s edited together well, and the men are usually medium-to-high cute.

manplay titan media

I surmise that they also act as the unofficial audition process for Titan. Often someone crops up in a ManPlay, and then later stars in one of their larger productions. Fyerfli went on to do “Back to Barstow,” Jake Corwin went on to do Carny, Ben Damon went on to win an academy award for Good Will Hunting, a fresh-faced faux-hawked “Owen” would go on to become the Owen Hawk we know and love, horse-hung Sean Paris went on to star in Holler and R.E.M., Michael Fallon would go on (or go back?) to become lanky hammer-top Andy Hunter. Mark goes on to become Marc Sterling and star in “Men’s Room”, and “Back to Barstow”.

manplay titan media

For the most part, the actors are unknown, and often doing one fulfills their desire to be a porn star and it’s the only movie they ever do. There’s some exceptions: Titan fave Billy Wild graces ManPlay 01 with his presence, John Truitt and compact pig Sky Donovan makes noteworthy appearance in ManPlay 02, Carlo Cox and Hans Ebson show up in ManPlay 10.

manplay titan media

Anyway, you should check them out for sure. ManPlay 001-014 are currently available to rent from GPB Theater or’s ETicket

manplay titan media


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  1. HngTopLA June 22nd, 2007 at 2:51 PM

    Nathan in Manplay 16 became Nathan York, the infamous Daddy in Titan’s “110º in Tucson”, and Devon in #16 also co-starred in “Tucson”. Pete Ross, of Chi Chi’s “Little Big League” was in #17… Lots of hotties came outta Manplay….


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