Which Hollywood Bad Boy Is Secretly HIV+?

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I am always suspicious of “unnamed sources” especially when they come from tabloid-esque publications. But then again, it was In Touch Weekly that cracked the Duggar case. This time, however, I am hoping RadarOnline is wrong about a major Hollywood bad boy who tested HIV+ two years ago and has been living in fear ever since for career and his life.

As opposed to spreading gossip just for shits and giggles, should this be true, this heterosexual male could do something with a global impact: renew the stalled conversation and efforts to prevent and cure the plight of HIV once and for all.

male star secretly hiv positive


Decades of debauchery have finally caught up with one of Hollywood’s top megastars. In a bombshell world exclusive, RadarOnline.com can reveal that a bad-boy Tinseltown star has been hiding an explosive secret from the world: He is HIV-positive.

Multiple informed sources confirm the world-famous actor, whom Radar has chosen not to identify, has been diagnosed with the deadly virus that usually leads to AIDS itself.

However, the star — known for a playboy lifestyle filled with one-night stands and sex-for-hire partners — has been “devastated” over his plight since doctors diagnosed the condition, according to a friend.

Radar has learned multiple friends want the star to publicly admit the problem and face reality with courage and determination.

Of the latest HIV victim, a show business source told Radar: “Many of this actor’s friends and associates have been saying for weeks that he has HIV.

male star secretly hiv positive

Kira Montgomery

Speculation has been rampant on names of A-listers, though most have coalesced around Charlie Sheen. His antics have been plenty and well documented. There were claims he supposedly took “sexual liberties” of a young Corey Haim. Porn star Kira Montgomery has alleged she contracted the virus from Sheen and accepted ‘millions’ from Charlie “so she’d keep his medical business on the hush”.

Every additional case of HIV is one too many.

Stay healthy guys!

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