Lukas Ridgeston Gets Lucky Again

Posted August 17, 2005 7:49 AM by

gay porn pic lucas ridgeston chestGod, I love Lukas Ridgeston. And after a seemingly endless drought of work in front of the camera, the uncut stud is finally back in action, in the almost-released Lukas In Love (available 8/23, and I’m counting the days). Unfortunately, the two-part video is reputedly also his last.

The first porn I ever paid for was Lukas’ Story – I think it was $69.95 and I put it on a soon-to-be recalled American Express — but it was worth every bit of my negative credit rating. I watched it five times in the first day alone. Granted, I was young and piping hot. But even after my stamina faded, my ardor for Lukas Ridgeston never did. Behind his steely blue eyes lay a sexual predator for whom I was willing bait and below his creamy pecs — with nipples like ripe cherries — was a 9-inch Czech cock that would usher in a golden era for Bel porn star Lukas Ridgeston palm.jpg

It’s nearly a decade later and I still can’t get Lukas out of my head and there are few things that rile me as the boys of Bel Ami. They are equal parts narssicist and businessmen, but consummate performers. Even the sometimes overly exuberant cuteness with which Bel Ami markets its videos can’t contain the the hardcore heat of its men. Czech, please!

lukas in love