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Spring has sprung! The dead are rising! And Lucio Saints is leaking so much pre-cum I’m building him my own Keystone XL. This was a really banner week in gay porn, if you haven’t guessed. Five scenes that will have you edging in your seat, if not someone elses, after the jump …


Billy Cotton Bottoms
1. Speaking of gushers — Gaelen Binoche is can’t keep from serving it forth while fucking Billy Cotton. Billy’s back on Bel Ami after a short absence, and to celebrate his return he takes his first cock. Well, first on-screen one. But it’s hella tight. I’d have trouble too, Gaelen.
WATCH FULL HD TRAILER: Billy Bottoms! (via Bel Ami)

Andrew Blue … On Edge!
2. You know who can hold it in? Andrew Blue, who spends hours getting teased and tugged and edged by the ever-venable Sebastian Keys. He’s about as handsome as they come — and cum he does. But only after enduring a ball gag, a dildo on a stick and Sebastian’s deep throat.
FULL HD TRAILER: Edging Andrew Blue (via Men On Edge)

Bobby Clark Gets Untight
3. You know who else is uptight and begging to cum? Me. You know who else ELSE? Bobby Clark — the head of the world’s horniest gay frat. continues it’s are-they-or-aren’t-they-homophobic scenarios from gay life with Jizz Orgy’s Gay Frat.

FratMen Sucks
4. Of course, actual frat boys are rarely so open. With Fratpad, we’re mostly getting off to naked ping pong and u mad bro glances. But with Fratmen suck, they do. And fuck even.

5. But back to the pre-cum. When I saw the trailer for this scene from Addicted, featuring Lucio Saints STRAINING to get out of his briefs, I almost gave up the ghost then. But then Francesco D’Macho walked in, and I forced myself to wait. Not as long as Andrew Blue, but still.
FULL HD TRAILER: ‘Addicted’ (via Raging Stallion)

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