Kickstarter Of The Moment: “Sock Job” by Mark Allen starring Matthew Camp

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Mark Allen, Matthew Camp, Indie Film, Sockjob

Ever since a few people made way too much money on Kickstarter, all sorts of would-be filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and opportunists have been flocking to the crowd-funding site like prospectors to the California gold rush. There’s a lot of really dubious projects trying to get funded, which is why when I come across one that actually seems worthwhile, I get extra excited.

If you don’t know him by name, chances are you’ve seen photos of Mark Allen from his days as a go-go boy and model: he’s the guy who wore the “Pussyboy” belt buckle (above left). He’s also worn a lot of other hats since (having written for everything from The New York Times to Vice), but Sock Job, will be his directorial debut and is set to star Matthew Camp, another ultra-humpy, multi-hyphenate go-go boy (actor/model/fashion designer/perfumer/tattooer, and so on). They’re trying to raise a mere $3,500 and almost half-way there — all the more reason to throw some clams his way.

(Full disclosure: I’ve been looking for an excuse to post a picture of Mark Allen’s ass for over 10 years. Hopefully you’ll understand why after the jump … )

Mark Allen's Ass

“If my ass had a look on it’s face, it would be half-closed eyes and a kind of ‘ …whatever’ nonchalant glance because it knows how fine it looks and it can have anyone it wants at the party. Looking at my nude ass is like knowing the square root of a million squared times infinity.”

I shot Mark a few questions over email about his upcoming film and — as much as I tried to resist talking about it — we ended up talking about his ass a lot, for good reason: It’s an exceptional thing of beauty, not just worthy of the ample amounts of praise he heaps upon it himself.

GPB: Why are you teaming up with Matthew Camp on this?

Mark Allen: I chose him to star in the film because he’s perfect for the role and I think will be great. He’s talented, smart and funny and very much “gets” Sock Job‘s concept. I’m also Matthew’s number one fan! I hope he doesn’t mind me inviting him to a remote cabin in the middle of the mountains and strapping him to a mechanical bed. Do you think he’s seen Misery?

How did you meet him? Can we expect to see some full-frontal? (please say yes!)

I met him when I presented him with a Glammy awards for go-go boy a few years ago. He’s totally great! And no, you won’t be seeing full frontal in Sock Job. Trust me, with everything else going on in it you won’t notice

Mark Allen, Matthew Camp, Indie Film, Sockjob

Matthew Camp’s ass is nothing to sneeze at either

In a nutshell, how would you describe this film?

Sock Job is a screwball comedy about masturbation but at its heart it’s a romance. Who can’t relate to masturbation? I also want to add that even though Sock Job‘s subject matter is tongue-in-cheek sexual, it’s not porn. It’s a sexy dark comedy … a film about masturbation that the whole family will be able to enjoy!

Speaking of porn, why haven’t you ever done any? Surely you’ve been asked.

I did a magazine spread for “Freshmen” in ’92, and one other smaller one, and that was it. It was all part of my club days. A lot of people made offers back then but I always said no. Like, the people from Falcon would take me to dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant and talk to me about anal douching while the wine guy was standing right there, and by the time dessert came they’d be telling me how much I could eventually make from escorting. At least they were honest. I always said thanks but no. The whole thing wasn’t for me.

I remember reading somewhere that you dated Joey Stefano. What was that like?

That’s been exaggerated over the years. It was more like a fling or two. It was around ’93 I think? He was around NYC sometimes. I’d seen him at David Barton Gym (the original on 6th Ave.) Later, he was hanging around with promoter friends of mine at Club USA. I remember talking with him about his shrunken head tattoo.

We got along but didn’t have much in common. Nick was very cool and charming, very relaxed, kind of distracted, very handsome and sexy. He had ambition, real talent, and he was very seductive. Kind of a slob. He was a genuine James Dean/Marilyn-type (who were both also slobs … good-looking slobs are irresistible!)

We were both bottoms. The sex was like lezzies bumping pussies in the night (haha). I remember one night we both got Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and I remember the two empty containers with spoons sitting side by side on the windowsill in the moonlight afterwards. That’s weirdly the image I remember from our brief time, and what I picture in my head whenever I think of him.

“Were” a bottom”? Does this mean you’re a top now?

As a boy I learned the art of “topping from the bottom,” now that I’m older and wiser I’ve realized all along I was just “bottoming from the top.”

Mark Allen and Matthew Camp naked

Matthew Camp and Mark Allen: two of the biggest teases in history

If you could be in a porn scene with anyone (living or dead) who would it be?

I’d travel back in time and be in Brian Brennan’s Attack of the Amazing Colossal Latino, made by Latino Fan Club (I’d be in any of the L.F.C. 90’s videos!) Brian Brennan was a genius director! All those Latino Fan Club videos he did were amazing. And those actors!

OK, it’s been hard for me to talk to you without talking about your ass. You wrote an ode to your ass that’s so laudatory it would make Kanye West seem humble. Where did that piece come from?

I got inspired one day after jogging: I looked in the mirror and saw how muscular it looked, the curved, sculpted lines. It was happy time in my life and I think I had this sort of eureka moment where I realized my own ass reflected my happy and positive outlook on my life in general. I sat down (on my ass) and hammered out a Ginsberg “Howl”-style rant about my own ass, that poured right out of my head. Then I broadcast a shot of my own ass on my cam (I used to have a cam website in the early 00’s, which I usually didn’t show myself nude on). It just all kind of happened at once. Here’s a Tumblr archive someone made of a bunch of my cam shots a few years ago.

Mark Allen Sock Job

In the early days of the Internet, Mark Allen used to have a cam site

At that age did you realize your ass was special?

The day the doctor slapped it.

Does your ass have any fans?

I’m its number one fan.

What’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for you ass?

Kiss it.

Are there any asses you particularly admire?

Marilyn Monroe’s

Are there any that you find to be particularly distasteful?

James Dean’s … despite being a huge fan, did you ever notice it in movies? It seemed wide and baboon-like :(

If you could have anyone’s ass (living or dead) for a day, whose ass would you choose?



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