Turning A Riot Into A Cum Swap

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Activists Justin Brody & Teddy Bryce were psyched for the big rally. But when it turned into a full-scale riot, the adrenaline-fueled rage went right to their cocks.

The beauty of the University of Berkeley campus is only eclipsed by one thing: the beauty of the men who roam it.

The tranquility of the Berkeley campus, however, is about to be interrupted by evil voices from the alt-right and Justin Brody and Teddy Bryce going to have none of it.

Their mission is a success, but they wound up having something after all: their way with each other in this third scene from “Berkeley 2: Sophomore Year” from NakedSword Originals.

justin brody fucks teddy bryce gay porn“Activists Justin Brody and Teddy Bryce are making protest signs, getting pumped for tonight’s big Antifa rally. They slip their black ski masks over their heads and bolt out the door headed for the Berkeley campus. By the time they get there, it’s a full-on riot. Protestors from both sides are shouting obscenities, throwing blows and dodging bottles – including Republican Club President Leo Forte.”

justin brody fucks teddy bryce gay porn“Justin and Teddy work the young republican over good and take off back to their headquarters. They crash through the door and immediately begin making out as they rip each other’s clothes off in an adrenaline-fueled rage. Justin’s already engorged cock demands attention from Teddy’s hot mouth before he shoves it in his tight hole and pounds him hard. Justin lies back, and Teddy bounces up and down his hard cock until he blows then Justin pulls out and beats his meaty cock directly into Teddy’s open mouth.”

justin brody fucks teddy bryce gay pornJustin doesn’t eat Teddy’s ass as much as he attacks it with his hands, then his tongue.

justin brody fucks teddy bryce gay pornWith Teddy’s hole and his pole slicked and ready, there was only one place for Justin to go and one way to do it: balls deep.

justin brody fucks teddy bryce gay pornJustin wasn’t going to take those bible belting fuckers sitting down, but when it came to Justin’s cock, having a seat then riding it home is just this situation demanded. A final flip onto his back allowed Teddy’s load to escape like a garden sprinkler, splattering himself and Justin.

justin brody fucks teddy bryce gay pornJustin licked Teddy’s hand clean then did the same to his torso. A spit and snowball sealed the deal. Then it was his turn. He straddled Teddy’s face, drenched his tongue, then gave him them a doozy of a “Got Cum?” jizz-stache. Too delicious looking not to taste, one last cum swap put both the protest, and their dicks down. For now.

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